Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Woven Blinds

If you are searching for woven wood blinds, you are thinking either bamboo or wood. These blinds are very popular and install and roll up and down quite easily. Natural shades of bamboo and wood are widely available and can also be found in white as well. Unlike venetian blinds, these actually have to be lifted up completely to see through the window rather than being able to rotate the louvers vertically.

Bamboo blinds have been around for hundreds of years and were used by royalty ages ago. To this day they have remained a popular and elegant addition to any home. They can compliment your living style and furniture for a great relaxing and exotic feeling in your home.

Most bamboo wood blinds are hand made and require little maintenance. They may come in a variety of patterns and can be made to suit your individual needs as well. You will find that you should look in a variety of places online or at your home improvement stores before finalizing a purchase because they can be rather expensive.

Other types of woven blinds can be made from rattan, jute, grass, and reeds. You will find that these are also beautiful choices with luxurious textures to suit your personal style. These not only give you a wide variety and diverse choice in appearances, but also allow for different lifting capabilities.