Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Sheer Blinds

Sheer blinds, also called sheer shades, are very elegant and versatile window treatments. These blinds come in horizontal and vertical fabrics and are great for allowing light into your home, or you can choose a darker fabric to keep the light out.

Sheer vertical blinds offer a soft and formal look for sliding patio doors. They are a  mix of a shade and a blind, draped in a sheer. They even almost look like a wood blind, with a sheer in the front and back, but have a much softer appearance.

The overall appearance of sheer shades, or blinds, is soft and clean and works very well with most decorating styles. Sheer shades also come with a motorized lifting system, which is great for children or pets and adds additional safety and convenience. Sheer horizontal shades can be paired with sheer vertical shades that you can coordinate for your hard to cover patio doors.

Sheer horizontals have an advantage because when the shades are fully raised it completely tucks inside the head rail, unlike a wood blind which would produce a large stack.

Sheer shades are great because they are beautiful and elegant and come in a variety of style and colors. When completely closed they can either diffuse the lighting or completely darken any room depending on the type of shade you have. Many home owners choose sheer because it helps you to control the light coming into your home without completely keeping it out.

Sheer shades typically block 2/3 of ultraviolet light that would normally fade out your carpet and furniture. They come in all styles and colors to help you find just the look you are trying to find.

Sheer shades come in horizontal and vertical styles. No matter what type is right for you I am sure you will find the right one for your patio while shopping online. Be sure to weigh your options and get the best price available.