Sunday, January 26th, 2020

French Door Blinds

When you have french patio doors most people would not choose to put a blind over them, since it can hide the whole purpose of having a french door in the first place, which is the beauty that a french door portrays in the first place. After time, you may find that privacy has become an issue and your are looking for some kind of coverage and privacy for your home and your family. You want to be careful when choosing a blind or shade to cover them.

Vertical blinds are great for french doors because they offer a still well streamlined appearance and a very height friendly. They are also perfect for rooms with alot of sunlight, which is probably where your french patio door is sitting. Luxery vertical blinds are a great way to tie a room together, without separating the look you already have going on. Vertical is the cheapest and easiest french door covering. They can be a bit noisy but are easy to clean and they do not typically collect a lot of dust.

Horizontal blinds stack at the top of the door, and is not usually the preferred french door blind since they need alot of room to open and close. They tend to clash the look of a home if they have strings and cords hanging all over the place. Today you can find horizontal blinds that can cover either the entire door, or just the glass portion, why may be typical for you.
A classic and elegant look would be to get an enclosed blind and come in many shades. They are extremely low maintenance. The double panes of glass add an extra layer from the outside.

No matter what type of blind you get for your french patio door, you must remember that size matters. The shape and size of your shade can affect the convenience and operation of your french door. Be careful of covering the door knob and the length of your blinds so that you are dragging your blinds around or pushing and pulling on them.